Monday, December 11, 2006


About this blog

I've started this blog to answer questions I often get asked related to synthmaker.

For those that don't know synthmaker, I'd describe it as a Visual Programming development environment. It is currently mainly used for creating sound in the form of virtual software synthesizers but the whole framework has been developed to eventually grow into a more general Visual Programming development environment.

The next stage, already under development, is the implementation of a new Events engine.
The new engine makes it possible to create custom sequencers for controlling Midi events and general parameters with sub-sample precision allowing for full songs to be created within synthmaker without requiring an external host.

In the near future my entries in this blog will probably be related to the new Events engine as it is what I'm working on at the moment.

Please note that the new events engine is not part of the full version of synthmaker. It is still under development and will be made available through the experimental version of synthmaker called synthmakerX. The experimental schematics use the extension osmx rather than the normal osm and wont load in the normal version of synthmaker. At the moment only beta testers will have access to synthmakerX, also for now beta testers have to be synthmaker registered users.

So I linked your blog from mine! Cheers!
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